Pedestal Side Table

Hey everyone, today we are bringing you a tutorial on creating your own side table for as little as $28 each!!

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The side tables we created are being used as a bedside table, but you could easily create these as a sofa side table.


To get started you will need just a few supplies. Below is our purchase list from Home Depot (for 2 matching side tables). I do want to note they only had this one traditional spindle leg, and if you are wanting something a little beefier, you should try looking online. You will want something at least 28" in height. We ended up trimming this leg down 2 inches.

  • Qty 2 17 3/4" Pine Round
  • Qty 1 Pine 1x3x6'
  • Qty 1 Pine 1x8x6'
  • Qty 1 Pine 1x6x6'
  • Qty 2 Traditional Legs 28" each
  • We already had paint, nails and putty



Start with building your base. We wanted a stepped base so that there would be enough weight to keep the heavy round top from tipping over. We cut the 1x10 to 1' sections for each table base. We then cut the 1x8 to 11" and the 1x6 to 10". Then just center the 1x8 on the 1x10, glue and nail (use 3/4" nails). Repeat this step with the 1x6 on top of the 1x8. Lastly we screwed the three pieces together from the bottom to make sure they would not separate over time.

stepped-table-base-diy-tutorial base-screwed


Next, attaching the leg and the top. At this point we cut the leg down so that our table would reach the top of the mattress. We recommend finding your ideal table top height then subtracting the base height and the thickness of the table top. This will give you the height you need the leg to be. After cutting the leg just center the leg on the top of the base, glue and nail at and angle. Other tutorials suggest screwing with countersunk screws, we would also suggest this, as it was very difficult to nail at an angle.





Repeat this step to attach the leg to the table top.

The last step is to paint or stain. We choose paint. We used a Behr Satin Paint and Primer (had from another project so this is not added into the cost). Sorry we don't have the color name, I think it was a Ralph Lauren color that HD color matched to Behr paint. We painted 2 coats.

Bedside Table, DIY Tutorial, JLM Designs

That's it guys!! Hope you loved our DIY Pedestal Table Tutorial. We would love to see your DIY Projects. Share with us images of your work on our Facebook page 🙂