Halloween Decor

As soon as September hits I love to start decorating for fall and Halloween. Decorating can be a lot of work. I try to get at least 2 months out of each holiday/season decor.

One of the first vignettes I like to refresh seasonally is the coffee nook. I’m a secret mug collector (hoarder). Each season I rotate through my stash of mugs. I like to pick up a few news ones and retire out those that have chips from previous years.

Art is another fun way we like to bring in the holiday spirit. Every year I ask my children to paint a holiday art piece. Over the years we have gathered a large collection of one of a kind art.

There are a lot of fun ways you can add small touches of wimpy like hanging witch hats, posed skeletons, or bats stuck to your walls.

One of my favorite places to add some bats is on the hood range wall. The trick with bats it to place them in a way that creates movement. Sprinkle a few on the ends of the path and cluster a bunch towards the center.

Bats on range vent hood