DIY Robins Egg Blue Chandelier

To wrap up our Island DIY we wanted to add a fantastic light fixture above. We found this gold chandelier on craigslist. We went back and forth with painting it white or mint, and finally settle on a beautiful matte robins egg blue.



This chandelier took 2 cans of spray paint. After it was painted I started glueing the sisal rope to the light covers. The first step is to make on the cover where the cover is not tucked into the gold arm base.


I used hot glue to secure the rope in a few places as I worked my way to the top. Once you get to the top leave about a 1/4" of the white cover exposed. You do not want the rope touching the light bulb. One mistake I made here was that the top part of the rope needs to be glue with super glue. Since it is so close to the bulb there is a lot of heat and the heat was melting my glue gun glue. I had to go back over each one as the popped off the cover and re-glue it with super glue (i used gorilla super glue).


The next step is to hang the chandelier and connect it to power. I had our electrician help with this part. I watched him do it and it looked pretty easy (if you do not feel comfortable doing this always enlist a professional). We did not want to go through the hassle of relocating the junction box for this light so we decided to swag it. All you need for this is a strong enough hook to support the chandelier (screwed into a stud or use drywall/hook anchors), and a long enough chain/wire on the chandelier.

The last step for this project is to create a chain or cord cover. I liked the look of the sisal on the light fixture so I decided to continue the sisal and wrap it around the chain. I tied the sisal rope in a knot around the first chain loop then twisted the rope around, holding it tight as I went around. This part can make your arms a little tired, maybe enlist a friend to help 🙂

And that is it. A beautiful beachy chandelier for $38! ($20 gold chandelier/craigslist, $12 paint, $6 sisal rope)