DIY Book Ledge

I am finishing up the details for my daughter's room and today I focused on the book ledge I have been wanting to build them. I was originally going to buy and install the IKEA BEKVÄM Spice Rack and use it as a book ledge, but the spice rack didn't come in the sizes I was hoping for. They also cost about $4 a piece, and I would need 14 to get the linear feet I wanted, plus it would be all broken up from using multiple units. I decided to try and build them my self. I wanted three 2 foot ledges on one wall and two 3 foot ledges on another wall.










Here is a material list to build what I built (Qty 2 3' ledges, Qty 3 2' ledges).
Shopping list:
Qty. 4 ---> 1x4x6'
Qty. 2 ---> 1x2x6'
2 inch finish nails
wood glue
Qty 1. box 3" screws
Cut List:
6 pieces @24" ea. ----> 1x4
4 pieces @36" ea. ----> 1x4
3 pieces @24" ea. ----> 1x2
2 pieces @36" ea. ----> 1x2

After cutting all the pieces I attached them like this:






I then painted using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, color: Emile (love by the way!!super easy to use). I installed them using 3" screws. A great tip is to pre drill so you do not split the wood. Here is a finished photo of the wall with the three 2 foot book ledges.









Total Cost $20 wood and nails only(I already had the paint and glue)

I will post a final overall photo of the room once I finish a few more details on their corner bed. If you missed the DIY Corner Bed tutorial check it out here.