Christmas Card Tree Tutorial

Hey Everyone, today we want to show you how you can quickly and easily create a Christmas Tree out of twine, rope or string. You can do this on the back of a door, a free spot on a wall, or on a picture frame.

We choose to do it on a picture frame that would be mounted above the fireplace mantel. We are using twine ($6 roll at Joann's, Michaels, or even home depot). We picked up some miniature clips at Marshalls ($1.99 for each pack), one package is glittery and the other has some festive graphic patterns and text. You can also find them at Joann's Fabric for $3.99.

glitter clothes pins


Starting at the top we taped the twine to the glass, then worked our way in a downward zig-zig, taping the twine to the glass at each end of the "tree branch". Make sure to space the twine out between zig-zag lines so that you have room to display the cards once you pin them.


Last step is to add your clothes pins and pin your cards.


It's pretty simple and the idea can be applied to other applications. Below are some of our favorites we have found.

Washi Tape Tree by Thyme is Honey


Tape and Ribbon Tree by Driven by Decor


You can also make something similar to this one found on etsy, with burlap, or scrap piece of wood.