Maximizing Your Kitchen Storage

How can I get more storage space in my kitchen?


There are many options out there now a days when remodeling your kitchen to maximize your storage and make your cabinetry as efficient as possible. Today I wanted to show you some new features in cabinetry design, but also look as some clever design solutions that can create storage in unexpected places.

Modern Amenities Hidden Behind Period Details
Modern Amenities Hidden Behind Period Details















Simple details like a pivoting spice rack can maximize the depth of a cabinet and create additional storage behind.

Side Storage

Creating the look of a built in fridge can be achieved by designing a cabinet surround like the image above. The great design detail that is show here is that instead of a fixed side panel for the fridge surround, they create a shallow side cabinet for more compact items such as brooms and mops.

Toekick wine storage

Many wine lovers may not have the space for a wine room, or even a seperate wine fridge. Using the wasted space of your cabinets toe kick can be the ideal solution for your wine storage. Some other uses for this space could be the "miscellaneous drawer", or even for pots and pans lids.














Many of us love the detail of the framed doorways that create the open floor plan, and this storage idea takes the moulding detail to a whole new level.

The last idea I wanted to share with you is from the image below. Take advantage of the 4-6" of space next to the door or opening into your kitchen. There are many stud-space cabinets out there that are shallow and idea for some kitchen spices or pellegrino bottles.

Stud-Space Cabinet










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