Designing with Patterns

When creating a space and you want to use multiple patterns there are a few tips that you can uses as a guide to keep your space sophisticated and tasteful.

Tip 1:

Contain the color scheme to 3 or less colors.

Tip 2:

The scale of the pattern is key. Use a large scale pattern paired with a small scale pattern. Distribute the patterns evenly across the space so that one side is not heavier (loaded with more patterns) than any other side. Use solids within the color scheme to give the eye a rest. Textured fabrics are also great, they add depth and richness to the space while still being perceived as a solid.

Tip 3:

Next take a look at the pattern. Try to limit the use of different patterns in a small space (such as sofa) to 2-3 pattern types (stripes, dots, floral, etc), and overall in the room use a maximum of 5 patterns.