Design Consulting

Did you know we do design consulting on an hourly basis as well? Sometimes clients start a remodel and want to make sure they are heading in the right direction with their decisions. Sometimes you need an experts eye and some minor suggestions or tweaks to the design.

We were called in on this project right after the demo was complete and the rough trades were starting. Cabinetry order was about to be place and the owner/builder wanted to make sure he was placing everything in the right spot before closing up walls. We met and decided there was not a lot of space to the left of the stove in his current design and it would be great to push the fridge as far as possible to gain a little room next to the stove. We also added a pot filler above the range as well as the bar area. We talked about materials, lighting, cabinetry color and hardware. I stopped in for a few more progress consultations along the way. The kitchen turned out beautiful and the owner was very happy he brought us in early on and was able to make some easy adjustments that effected the function and style of the remodel immensely.


If you are thinking about starting a remodel or have started one but are unsure about some decisions, give us a call for a consultation.