Creating a Productive Home Office

How to create a home office that is simple yet inspiring to work in.



The first task is to find a space that you can dedicate towards workspace. This can be in your bedroom, a spare room, or even part of your kitchen or living room. Defining this space will make it easier for you to transition into “work mode” when it is time to work.

The amount of space you have obviously will limit the design elements. Need some inspiration to get you started? Here are a few stylish spaces with a small footprint, that shows design does not have to be sacrificed to increase productivity.

Simple and Stylish Office Design Inspiration


Finding the right furniture is the second task in designing your space. Most of us with a home office are trying to fit our office space into another space. Here are some creative ways to maximize your workspace in a small area.

Office tucked into a un-used closet or a small nook:

Closet & Nook Office Design

Use up that wasted space under your stairs by designing your office space there.

Office Design Under-StairsThree

Have fun with your space. Add some color or pattern. You spend a lot of time in this space, so make it fun and exciting. It is easy and not very expensive to add pattern with a wall stencil, or fabric covered pin boards. Organization centers and calendars can also be used as décor. Here are a few fun and vibrant workspace we thought you would enjoy.

Office Fun with Color and Pattern

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