Pillow Talk

Pillows are a fun way to liven up your space with out breaking the bank. They can add color and texture and can be changed out seasonally. If you are looking for some unique pillow cover ideas, or ways to save even more and DIY here are a few suggetions:


Adding fabric paint to a pillow cover can be one of the easiest additions. You can even gold leaf it, who knew!


Using fabrics that already have texture, like table runners or light weight rugs can give pillows a lot of character with little DIY work on your part. Another option is to using stitching patterns to create different puckering effects.



Adding a fun pattern or color piping can help coordinate colors in the space and create contrast between a pillow and the sofa or chair.



Fun folds on the front or back of the pillow can be easy to sew, allowing for no zipper, and can be visually interesting. Some you can even make without sewing.

Tutorial on how to fold here.
Tutorial on how to fold here.



Adding things like buttons or felt shapes to a pillow cover can add more character to your space.

button pillow JLM Designs

Hope some of these projects have inspired you. Go add some texture and character to your space. Send us pictures on our Facebook page, we love to see how we have inspired followers.