Home Owners or Business Owners


A complimentary initial 45 minute design consultation starts off the design process. We prefer to meet on site so that we can get measurements of the space as well as photos. The initial consultation is a way for designers and clients to meet and talk about the needs and wants for the project. In order to keep the consultation as efficient as possible for the allocated 45 minutes it is important for clients to have a budget in mind as well as some examples of styles of design they like. These styles can be tear sheets from magazines, a pinterest board, or houzz folder.



Based on the initial consultation, a scope of design work will be created. Design fees typically are determined based on the scope of work and are presented to the client as a package price. Once the scope and fees are approved by the client, and the deposit for services are received, the design team will get to work preparing the design. A design presentation will be scheduled 2-3 weeks out.


Design Presentation

Typical design presentations consist of a visual "Inspiration Look". The "Inspiration Look" is a outline of furniture, fabrics, and accessories proposed for the space. These selections are chosen specifically for the clients space, but can be a conversation starter and adjusted during the presentation. Floor plans, elevations, and 3D line drawings are presented to give a better visual of the space and the design concept. Custom mill work drawings can be created as well if they are part of the scope.


Ordering & Installation

There are two different ways clients like to more forward after a design presentation.

  • The first way is with a Design Book that has all the drawings and specifications given during the design presentation (including any changes made). The book will also include paint swatches, fabric swatches, and finish (were applicable). This book becomes the reference guide for clients who wish to do their project in stages. The book can be prepared in 1-3 days following the design presentation and is an additional $75. Clients have raved about this book because they are able to do a lot of the shopping themselves and can pick out similar fabrics, furniture, and accessories based on the images and samples in the book. This option is for the type of client looking for a long term design goal, and can order items as their budget allows.
  • The second way is ordering products through JLM Designs. Once specific items are signed off on for ordering, and the deposit for such items is made, JLM Designs will get to work ordering and expediting each item. Items are typically gathered and stored by JLM Designs and installed at one time during a scheduled installation day.



Design-Led Project Management

Once a permit has been issued we encourage clients to contract with JLM Designs as a Design-Led Project Manager. As a project manager we become the representative for the clients and serve as a buffer with contractors and vendors. Contracts, budgets, and orders pass through our office for approval and then are sent on to the clients for signatures and payments. As a Design-Led Project Manager, JLM Designs offers clients options for material selections that reflect home owners design tastes but have been well thought out to create a cohesive design. This service also insures that home owners will get exceptional attention to detail in every step of construction. We provide weekly site visits and review questions with contractors to insure the end result is what was designed.