How to create an efficient Kitchen

Whether your kitchen is new or old there are many ways to create an efficient kitchen. Think about each zone in your kitchen and how you will use that space. This will help you determine storage needs in that area.

There are many drawer and cabinet insert options to fit a variety of needs. Most drawers become a catch all and very disorganized. Try ordering a few drawer inserts that force you to determine the very specific needs for that space. Below is a before and after of an example of a silverware drawer that was a little over-sized for the space, which allowed things to roll around and was not an efficient use of the space.

By adding a silverware insert that is expandable to fit drawers you can create a space for each type of utensil and maximize the drawer space. Here is a amazon link to the insert we used in our drawer below. We also added a drawer knife block allowing us to removed the counter-top knife block.

There are many options for inserts that fit the needs of each drawer differently. Below are a few examples and links to products we have used in past kitchen projects.

5 Compartment expandable insert for larger cooking utensils. Amazon Link
This 9 compartment insert is great for junk drawers or office supplies, sewing items, or miscellaneous items like batteries. Amazon link here. Depending on your drawer size you might also need to add a few drawer dividers to keep everything snug.
Spice inserts are a great way to get the spices off the counter and into a drawer close to your stove. has a variety of sizes, you can also double them up side by side for a larger cabinet, and trim them on a table saw to make a custom fit.

Drawers vs Shelves

This is the great debate between kitchen designers. Many designers prefer drawers for their deep storage and ease of access to the back of the cabinet. Although I love large drawers for storage I am also a huge fan of double door cabinets with 2 pull out shelves. This option allows for even greater height in storage because it eliminates the stile between the drawers which dictates the height of items to be stored. Pullout shelves are great for large pots and bowls. This is something that can easily be added to your cabinets new or old. You can even DIY them. Check out Philip_or_flop on instagram for his step by step tutorial.

Amazon link to roll out shelves

I hope this is a helpful resource guide for you. Let us know if there are any other organization tips we can help you with.